Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 57

In the first segment, I finish a three part series over the last three episodes on Jesus appearing to His disciples after the Resurrection. This week's passage speaks of Jesus and Peter on the beach.

In the second segment, I welcome highly anticipated guest, Anthony D'Ambrosio. He is the co-founder of Catholic Creatives and speaks about the importance of art and collaboration in the Church today. We also talk about the new film coming from the Catholic Creatives community on the beatitudes called "8beats." Check out this project here and see how you can get involved!

In the final segment, we introduce a new idea called "Unpublished Worship Songs." These are songs that Taylor has written about strange and obscure passages from the Bible that have never, EVER been put into song. This is a segment you absolutely don't want to miss. You will find yourself laughing and never being bored listening to the Scriptures in Mass again!

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