As Lent approached, I asked listeners of the show to suggest things I should do for the season. One of the ideas was to start a fundraiser to shave off my beard where all of the proceeds would go to charity. So here we are...

Here's how this is going to work...
-All proceeds will be evenly distributed to three Catholic Charities
1. Brothers of the Beloved Disciple. A religious order in San Antonio that I discerned with in college. They are doing tremendous work in the community there.
2. Ablaze Ministries. Missionary organization focused on rethinking how youth ministry is done to impact the young Church. (Disclaimer: I work here but will not receive any of these funds)
3. The Embry Family. A young Catholic family with 3 kids who recently lost everything to a house fire. My wife went to school with them and we would love to assist them in this tough time.

In regards to the beard, I have been growing it out for over a year now. Many people in my life have never seen my face. So this should be fun. Here are the stages we are looking to hit!
If we get...
$500. I will shave my beard down to a 1 on the razor. Approx 2 week beard
$1000. I will shave all the way down to just a goatee Breaking Bad style.
$1500. I will completely shave all the way down to my baby face.
$2000. I look like a completely insane person when I only have a mustache. I will shave down to only the creeper stache for a week before shaving that down as well.
For any $100 after that, I'll add a day of keeping said creeper stache.

Thanks in advance for joining the fun and helping raise money for these great causes!