Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 58

In our second Thanksgiving episode, producer Sam and I talk about our recent trip to Memphis and the National Civil Rights Museum. We share some of our biggest takeaways and the connections to our faith.

Then we are joined by "International Man of Science" J.P. Quinn to talk about how he sees God in Physics. But first, he had to do his own "Forte Five" segment counting down to most random things he is thankful for this year. I had to let him do it since he's the only Patreon supporter other than my mom. ;) 

Speaking of which, if you like the show and want to support it continuing, please head to the show's Patreon page to donate and in return receive behind the scenes content and bonus material. And then my kids can get Christmas presents ;)

Thanks for listening and from all of us at the show, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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