Dynamic & Joy-Filled Catholic Speaker!

Taylor Schroll is a member of the Catholic Speakers Organization, CatholicSpeakers.com.

Taylor has shared the Good News with many in his time of ministry at conferences, youth and young adult events, parish/diocesan wide events, retreats, youth nights and more. I am open to speaking about anything within our Catholic faith to draw people closer to what is true, good and beautiful including but not limited to:

1. Victory in Christ-Jesus won the victory for us on the cross, so why do so many Christians walk around feeling defeated all the time?

2. Complacency-One of the biggest struggles we all have in our faith is complacency. We know what we should do but for whatever reason we can't bring ourselves to do it. How do we get over the hump? We will look to the story of the Rich Young Man for an answer.

3. Discipleship-This has become a buzzword in the Church but what does it actually mean? Through a combination of Scripture & Star Wars, Taylor will lay out the plan for becoming a disciple of Christ and continuing to grow closer to Him.

4. Rekindle-All of us experience times where we feel close to God and times where He feels distant. We will talk about having our faith ignited in tough times, set ablaze in times of growth and spreading like wildfire in living out the Great Commission.

5. Forgotten God-The Holy Spirit is often the most forgotten or misunderstood person of the Trinity. Taylor explores how life changing and powerful the Holy Spirit is. Throughout the story of salvation, the Holy Spirit has been leading and guiding the people of God, and that same Spirit is alive within us.

6. God Demonstrates His Love-How can I really know that God loves me...especially after all that I have done? We will look to the Scriptures and some of Taylor's own struggles to find proof that God loves even the worst parts of us. 

7. We are At War!-The spiritual battle and how to fight back!

8. Overcoming Fear-We all struggle with some kind of fear. We will look to Jesus' example on how to respond in these moments with courage and hope.

9. Cleaning House-The Sacrament of Confession has a special place in Taylor's heart. Probably because he needs to go so often ;) We will discuss this highly underused Sacramental grace bomb and why it is so important for spiritual growth. 

10. The Story of Salvation/Salvation History-His story is our story and a love letter to us today. What does this centuries long story have to do with you?

11. Share Your Presents-Taylor talks about the two best Christmas gifts he has ever received and how gifts are often best when shared. The best gift we have ever received is the mercy of the Father. We are called to share it and often have trouble doing so. We look at two of Jesus' parables for an answer on how to share the gift of the Father's mercy with others.

12. Praise and Worship-What is praise & worship and how can we be molded into a people of praise? Taylor shares his love & passion for praise through music as well as stimulating a practice & attitude of praise in daily life.

13.Pro-friendships-How to find and cultivate deep, Godly friendships. 

14. Catholicism 101-How to live the basics. Taylor can speak on a wide array of fundamental Catholic topics.

15. Manhood-Who does God call us to be as men and how can we step up to be the leaders that he is calling us to be?

16. Becoming a Holy Family-We will look at multiple key families throughout the story of the Scriptures to learn from their successes and failures about what it means to grow holier as a family.

Youth Ministry Training
Taylor has been in youth ministry for over 10 years and can use his experience & insight to help other youth ministers grow in a wide array of areas including

1. Small groups
2. Multi-year growth plan
3. Building a comprehensive youth ministry
4. Building a youth ministry team(core team, parent board, youth leadership team)
5. Youth Minister health and growth. How to continue to grow as a person, minister, & child of God throughout your time in ministry.

"I have worked with Taylor Schroll on a number of occasions.  He is an excellent musician, singer, evangelist and speaker.  He works very well with people, and is effective with youth, young adults and adults.  He is respectful, engaging, and has a joyful faith.  His teaching is solidly Catholic.  I recommend him and his ministry."
-Fr. Bob Hogan, BBD, Director of the Catholic Center for Charismatic Renewal, San Antonio;
National speaker, educator, theologian, spiritual renewal.

"We were blessed to have Taylor join us for our annual Diocesan Youth Conference, where he ministered to hundreds of our youth. Taylor is a passionate, dynamic and engaging speaker who has an incredible ability to meet youth where they are; to connect with them in a genuine and heartfelt way, and to proclaim to them the Gospel of Jesus Christ  in a way that moves the heart and inspires greater faith. Added to this, he is a gifted worship leader that carries with him the joy of the Gospel." 
-Fred Shellabarger. Director of Evangelization, Catechesis & Family Life, Diocese of Sioux City