Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 56

Sooo much to get to on this week's show! We kick off the night with some crazy stories from twitter, including my boss going viral last weekend and the update to 280 characters and how people are going crazy. We also continue our topic of Jesus visiting his disciples after the Resurrection with the "Doubting Thomas" story.

In the second segment, I am joined by Matt Martinusen, producer of "The Ultimate Catholic Comic Book." I have read the whole thing and absolutely love it! I had a blast talking to Matt about how the project came to be, dealing with risk, and using new mediums to share the faith.

To finish off the show, we do a "Forte Five" countdown on the five weirdest things people do or say in prayer. And then I share about a 2.5 hour conversation I had with a high school student on retreat this weekend and how Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader played a big role in that conversation.

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