Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 30

It's good to be back! After missing a week due to illness, I am back at it with full force with a great episode. Tune in for a good blend of games, faith, mixed drinks and Scripture! Only on a Catholic podcast!

Segment 1
-Schroll Family Announcement
-Discussion of what Scripture says about children
-Patreon. I explain our new Patreon page and how you can show your support of the show and get some cool extras along the way!

Segment 2
-Interview w/Sarah Vabulas the Catholic Drinkie about Catholicism, alcohol and how they blend together in her book "The Catholic Drinkie's Guide to Homebrewed Evangelism." 

Segment 3
-Bible Trivia Game-"Name the Egyptian Plagues"
-Signs and Wonders. We look through the Scriptures and see how miracles almost always precede big moments of conversion and what that means for our life/prayer today.

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