Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 29



This is a HUUUUUGE episode with the hosts of the "Catholic Man Show" joining me for an interview AND I reveal the WINNER of the Ministry Madness Bracket!

1st Segment-Mass Text. We dive into last Sunday's readings and I explain how the connection between the 1st reading and the Gospel absolutely blew my mind!

2nd Segment-The hosts of the popular radio show and podcast "The Catholic Man Show" join me to talk about manly spirituality. Adam Minihan and David Niles are hilarious dudes doing great things for the Church!

3rd Segment-The moment we have all been waiting for! After two weeks of voting, the Ministry Madness winner has been decided by you, the fan. Tune in to hear the top ten finisher countdown and a look into some key matchups that ended neck and neck!

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