Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 31

This week, we continue the conversation on signs and wonders! So often in the Scriptures, we see miracles preceding people turning to the Lord. Tune in as we explore what that means for our walk with Christ and especially our prayer this week!

Segment 1-Bible Trivia Game w/Sam and Kyle. I quiz this dynamic duo on their knowledge of the Ten Commandments (Hint: It was pretty brutal)

Segment 2-Ashley Breland Interview. A local student at St. Joseph Catholic school, Ashley has had an amazing experience in her life of prayer this semester. So many huge things she has prayed for have had tremendous results! Tune in to hear her story and how it has impacted so many!

Segment 3-Signs and Wonders in the Acts of the Apostles. This is the book that the Church reads at daily Mass throughout the Easter Season. There are 18 accounts of miracles in Acts alone! We will discover what we can learn from these stories to improve our prayer and evangelization.