Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 28

Episode 28 of the show covered a wide range of topics...

Segment 1-Easter Joy
First show during the Easter Season! I talked about my Holy Week experience and we did the "Mass Text" segment where we took a deeper dive into the Gospel reading from Easter Sunday and what it means for the times where we don't understand what God is doing.

Segment 2-Andrew Laubacher
In one of my favorite interviews, I talk with Andrew about his music ministry, extreme conversion of heart in his teen years and one of his favorite topics, the Holy Spirit.

Segment 3-Ministry Madness Update
It has been a week since we launched the bracket of ministry leaders from across the US deciding once and for all "which ministry leader would win in a boxing competition." In this segment we finish introducing all of the candidates and I give a sneak peak into how some of the matchups are going. Head to to cast your votes now!

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