Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 71

Welcome to Lent!

In the first segment we play Lenten trivia with two local Catholic school 3rd graders, Silas and Hunter. Find out if your Lenten knowledge makes you smarter than a 3rd grader. 

Then we talk with Taylor's good friend, speaker and podcast host Allison Sullivan. She makes her return to the show after being the guest way back of Episode 2. We talk about the launch of season two of her amazing podcast "Sinner, Saint, Sister." While the podcast is geared toward women, Taylor totally digs it and listens religiously. There's definitely something for everyone. Allison is one of the most passionate, fun and holy people we know so you'll enjoy your time with her!

In the final segment, Taylor opens up about his really rough week and the real "spiritual desert" time he went through and how the fog is beginning to lift and what this all has to do with the Lenten season.

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