Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 72

This episode focuses on growing in virtue always, but especially during this focused spiritual season of Lent. Producer Sam shares what virtue truly is and how to grow in it during the first segment.

In the second segment, we are joined by Doug Tooke, the host of the "Renovo" podcast. Taylor recently found his show and loves it! He talks about things you don't typically hear about Catholicism at Church and probably didn't learn as a kid. We found it so interesting finally figuring out who Melchizedek is and why the heck we use candles in prayer. Taylor throws Doug a random topic and he has to explain it in less than two minutes. He is a champ! 

In the final segment, Taylor continues to talk about growth in virtue with some help from a new way of looking at why we settle for sin and how we can truly live out the story God has planned for us.

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