Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 70

Taylor had a cold this week but was helped along with the support of the team and two amazing guests: a Winter Olympics Gold Medalist and a film creator!

The start of the show was hilarious with Taylor trying to get through a segment without hacking up a lung so producers Sam and Macka helped with conversations about the beginning of Lent, an odd Gospel reading and answered prayer.

In the second segment, we are joined by Erin Dooley, the creator of the award winning Christian musical "Broken and Beautiful". The film launched on Ash Wednesday and focuses on five interweaving storylines of people at the same church, all dealing with some major struggle (stress, pornography, etc.).

And finally, we are joined by three time Olympic bobsledder Curt Tomasevicz. He is a die hard Catholic who shares how his faith played a huge role throughout his incredible career. Don't miss out on this interview as Curt is definitely in the running to be the next "Most Interesting Man in the World." Find out more about Curt's career and motivational speaking at

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