Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 116

To kick off 2019, we did something a bit different with this episode. Shaun McAfee co-hosts and we looked back at the highlights from 2018 to both reminisce and also catch up our newest listeners.

In the second segment, Brandon “Be The Symbol” Morel rejoins the show to discuss what the universality of the Church really means practically for him in inner city New York. He’s the man behind most of the music you hear on Forte Catholic. Be sure to check out his art!

And finally, we give the people what they’ve been waiting for. We reveal the Top Ten Most Popular podcast episodes of 2018. Tune in to see which shows came out on top!

I am so grateful that the podcast grew so much this year, especially in the last few months! Thank y’all so much for your support this year and for sharing the show with your friends. I truly appreciate it.

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