Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 115

Merry Christmas from the Forte Catholic crew!

We start the show off with a prank on Fr. Anthony! We continue by discussing how to keep Christmas going with a new understanding of peace and what the baby King means to us today.

This episode, we are joined by comedian Aaron Weber! Taylor got to see him perform live on his tour with John Crist, thought he was hilarious and invited him on the show. Now that it's not just Taylor & his friends making jokes, this is one you don't want to miss!

In the final segment, we are joined by local youth minister Daniel Loch as he shares a heartwarming story about how his church did something extremely special for a young family. The story is inspirational and challenges all of us on what it means to be church.

Bonus content for this episode includes Fr. Anthony taking over the mic while Taylor leaves the studio(quite possibly the funniest outtake we’ve ever had) & another track with between segment content from all the guys involved in this week’s recording. Check out the Forte Catholic Patreon community today!

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