Two appearances on Work to Game's Casually Hardcore Podcast

My new friends over at the Work To Game YouTube channel were kind enough to invite me on their show twice recently for their podcast focused around where video games, faith and family meet. You can check out both episodes(Eps. 15 & 17) below on YouTube or on iTunes here.

Catholicism, Faith, and the New Evangelization in the Age of Twitch, iTunes, and Youtube with Jonathan Blevins (@beardedblevins) and Taylor Schroll (@taylorschroll) We kick off the show talking about Halo Infinite (Halo 6 and if that game needs to have a battle royal mode) In this podcast, we explore the idea of faith and our level of personal responsibility when it comes to creating content, as well as the relationship we have with games, video games to be specific.

With 2019 fresh and new, there are already a lot of games that are planning on making their way out in the next few months if not the next 12. We invited Taylor Schroll of the Forte Catholic Podcast to come and hang out and talk about video games.

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