Ministry Madness Bracket 2019!

Ministry Madness Bracket
The 3rd annual Ministry Madness bracket is here! Last year was so much fun, we had to bring it back with a whole new cast of contestants! Have you ever wondered who would win in a boxing championship among Catholic ministry leaders from across the United States? I sure have. While it will most likely not ever going to happen in real life, we can always vote on who would win if it did.

The winner is decided by you the voter. THIS IS NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST. This is literally picking who would win in a legal boxing match. If you vote on anything but who would win in a boxing match, you will spend extra time in purgatory. Vote now in the bracket below! (If it is not loading click here).

Follow along on the podcast
The results and winner will be aired and discussed on the Forte Catholic Radio Show and Podcast Ep. 130 on April 10th so you have until April 8th to vote, share with your friends and argue in the comments. For more information about the bracket and an in depth look at the matchups, including some interviews with contenders, tune in to the the Forte Catholic podcast each week while you fill out your bracket.

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Bracket Descriptions
Top Left Division-Podcasters
Bottom Left Division-Priests
Top Right Division-Musicians/Authors/Media
Bottom Right Division-Women in Ministry

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