BONUS CONTENT-My appearance on "The Paul George Show"

For those of you who don't know Paul George(the non-NBA player one), you're missing out! 

Paul has played a large role in my story of faith. He was one of the keynote speakers at the conference where I gave my life to Christ so many years ago. He also gave the men's session where I made a commitment to save myself for marriage, signed a pledge card, and gave that pledge card to my (now) wife when I proposed.

I am so thankful for his ministry and how it affected my life, so when he asked me to be a guest on his show, I was in awe. Tune in to our conversation about millennials & the importance of authentic community on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts by searching "The Paul George Show" in your podcasting service. 

The interview starts at the 10:50 mark.

For more from Paul and I, check out his appearance on the Forte Catholic podcast here.