BONUS CONTENT-Galentine's Day Convo with Katie Prejean McGrady

So this all started with a friend of mine who is in a serious relationship hosting a Galentine’s celebration for all of her friends…who are single. She is of the mind that it’s ladies getting together to celebrate female friendship. I think her hosting for all her single friends is the accidentally cruelest thing this sweet lady as ever done lol. So of course, we took the discussion to Twitter with a poll and the results have been coming in almost exactly 50/50 on whether single people want their married/dating friends at Galentine’s. This got Catholic Twitter’s lead on all things “Parks and Rec” involved and we fall on opposite sides of the discussion so we knew we had to record a convo around the Galentine’s phenomenon. So we scheduled it 30 minutes before recording and now it’s here for ya! I also ask Katie to share advice for all of us(male, female, single, married) around the week of Valentine’s/Galentine’s. It was silly, fun and the guest was informative and insightful. If that’s not Forte Catholic, I don’t know what is! Enjoy :)

P.S. Be sure to check out Katie’s work at & her podcast “The Electric Waffle” on your favorite podcasting service.

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