Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 53

This episode, I talk about the birth of my 3rd child Felicity this past week and share another thing I've learned about my relationship with God from being a Father.

In the second segment, I speak with two-time world surfing champion, Bear Woznick. Bear is a hardcore Catholic who is using his platform to call men to a higher standard of faith and excellence. We talk about his TV Show "Long Ride Home" and his new online community for Catholic men called "Bear's Man Cave."

In the final segment, I speak with the president of Ignatius Press, Mark Brumley, about the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation this month. Ignatius Press is highlighting a book by Hilarie Belloc entitled "Characters of the Reformation" that goes into detail about some of the key players in the world of religion and politics at the time. I find the whole time period fascinating and enjoyed the interview. I hope you do as well.

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