Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 49

In this episode, I talk about my recent trip to Oklahoma City and the memorial of the OKC bombing. It was truly harrowing and stirred up a lot of anger within me that I struggled with. Was I righteously angry like Jesus in the temple or was hatred and human anger taking over? These are the things I was wrestling with in my time at the memorial and I share these experiences in the first segment of the show.

In the second segment, I am joined by Professor Edward Feser to talk about the death penalty. The bomber in the OKC attack received the death penalty so it was interesting that this conversation lined up with my experiences this week. Edward recently co-authored a book called "By man shall his blood be shed: a Catholic defense of the death penalty," in which he sets out to explain the Church's teaching on the subject.

In the final segment, I talk about times that anger has played a huge role in my life and the only thing that has helped and continues to help me improve and grow in virtue.

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