Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 4

The podcast for my live show from RED-C Radio on my birthday is available on iTunes now! Click here to listen. We had a lot of fun today with some interaction with the audience with questions from social media and streaming the third segment of the show on Facebook live.

In the first segment, I spoke about the recent conference I went to for ministry and shared what I learned about the importance of questions. Jesus was a master teacher and used questions to get many of His points across. I walk through how Jesus used questions and what we can learn from that.

Then, I interviewed a fellow missionary, Matthew Bachali, that I met at the conference. He is a great man of God that I had a lot of fun with at the conference. We talked about the great experience we had of Christian brotherhood and how we can carry that back in to our day to day lives.

Then in the final segment, I answered a few listener questions, wrapped up the conversation about questions and had the second Forte Five segment on our relationship as Christians with money.

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