Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 36

This week's show was pre-recorded as I am currently leading a Junior High Summer Camp! In the spirit of summer camp, we talked pre-evangelization, what fun has to do with faith and how events like this can really be an avenue to bring people to Christ.

So often, we try to catechize people who haven't been evangelized and evangelize people without making a human connection with them first. In this episode we explore how we can bring Christ to others no matter where they are in their journey with him.

I am also joined by Vern Laborde from Deer Creek Camp to hear how they impact the lives of young people in a huge way each summer! Hear her stories, insights and her love for camp!

In the final segment, we dive a little deeper into the topic of prayer. So many of us struggle with prayer and I will walk through two stories from Scripture that can help us when we don't feel like praying.

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