Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 24

This episode had one topic and one topic only: Vocations. Choosing to follow Christ is the most important decision we will ever make; discerning and living our vocation is the second. Whether you have been married, a priest, or a religious for many years or are single and discerning your vocation, this is the episode for you. 

In the first segment, I share what I learned from a recent talk I heard from the Vocations Director of the Austin Diocese. He brought a great pamphlet for those discerning vocations that I share from to start off the show. It tackles many of the common objections to living the priesthood or religious life with a little comedy along the way.

In the second segment, I am joined by Dean Ouellette "The Married Catholic Guy." He shares about how his faith took him from the brink of divorce twice to having a happy and loving marriage. He now shares his story and encouragement with other married couples to prevent and help heal broken marriages.. For more from Dean, check out his website.

In the final segment, I tackle the big question for those discerning their vocation: "How do I know what God wants me to do and how do I prepare for my vocation." By sharing the story of my discernment process and with the help of those who commented on my social media feeds answering "What are the qualities of a good spouse or priest/religious?" I hope to help you along and put you at peace in your discernment.

For more on religious life, check out the most recent guest blog post on Forte Catholic from Sister Christina Neumann about what the day in the life of a religious sister looks like.

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