Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 94

"So you had a bad day" -Daniel Powter (2005)

Why yes Daniel, yes I did. And then another...and then another. This week, Taylor talks about his really stupid week that involved a hit and run and everything around him breaking. We address trying to deal with frustrations and stress in our day to day lives and how it creeps into our spiritual life. Taylor opens up about his current frustrations in his spiritual life and the one thing keeping him grounded through it all.

We also have a bit of levity in the middle to talk about the lights in the darkness of this week like how great the Forte Catholic/Everyday Catholics crossover went, a hilarious compliment Taylor received, and a new partnership with Catholic Balm Co.! If you or someone you love has a beard, skin or lips, click here to get a discount on your next purchase while supporting Forte Catholic and Catholic Youth Ministry. 

We are also joined by recent High School grad, Blaine Tamez, to talk about continuing to grow in your faith despite peer pressure and temptation. 

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