Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 93

The epic crossover event is (FINALLY) here! The hosts of Everyday Catholics, Fr. Ryan Higdon & Alyssa Trutter, join the show and I join theirs this week as well!

Here in this episode, I tell them they stole my show name and we have interesting quotes such as "I am the chubby weapon," "Taylor has two volumes: off or on" & a possible heresy involving "By Girth alone." We get an intro to their show, how its expanding my boundaries and I ask them what a Catholic world view is and how do we get it?

Also, after listening to this episode, give part two of the crossover a listen on the Everyday Catholics episode released this week here.

The rest of the show, producer Sam & I do a deep dive into our long-lost "Mass Text" segment on how hilarious the Apostles can be & the importance of finding rest.