Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 83

Taylor is back from his trip to Sioux City, IA for a couple of speaking events and he has stories :) Usually, his "Spiritual Warfare" talk is pretty serious but this group of students made it an absolute blast! In this show, we go through the talk through the eyes of the young lady who took hilarious notes throughout the evening.

We also discuss a recent twitter debate to end a Mass controversy.

In the second segment, I was honored to be joined by Joe Sikorra. His biography alone is impressive...definitely vying for the title of "Most Interesting Man in the World." He shares his moving story of how his family found joy after their hopes and dreams were shattered by the rare, fatal neurological illness of their two sons. What initially seemed to be a tragedy for Joe’s family became a story of human triumph, an outcome made possible by the compassion and mercy of God. For more from Joe, check out his newest book "Defying Gravity."

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