Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 78

We kicked off this week's show in interesting fashion(hint: Taylor lost his voice). So producer Sam helped him along in the first segment in a discussion of the story of doubting Thomas, the power of art and how Taylor is looking at the story completely differently now.

We also have two big time guests this week!

In the second segment, we are joined by Katie Hartfiel, a popular speaker and author and one of Taylor's newest friends. She shares the powerful story of how her and her husband met and fell in love. Everyone in the studio got goosebumps when we heard it because of how it exemplifies the power of prayer. If you like the story, you can hear more in her book "Woman in Love" or buy it for a friend. She also shares about another book she just released on the Marian consecration prayer called "Totus Tuus."

In the final segment, we are joined by Daniel Glaze from "That Catholic Couple," one of the leading Catholic YouTube channels. We talked about how they got started, the greatest moments in the show's history, donuts, him losing to his wife in #MinistryMadness and how they deal with haters.

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