Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 119

Just might be the funniest show yet! Fr. Anthony Sciarappa co-hosts as we talk follow up to the #Exodus90 convo on Ep 117 & how the audience trapped Taylor into becoming a better person.

In the second segment, Taylor is joined by youth ministry guru Chris Wesley. They shoot the breeze(literally?), talk about riding other people's coattails, youth ministry stories and how to get out of the ruts we find ourselves in. Check out everything he's doing at Marathon Youth Ministry.

And the final segment may be the most ridiculous thing we've ever done. Fr. Anthony wants to blow up the moon!?!?! Taylor shares some spiritual insights in the moon and tries to back Padre into a corner. Was he successful? Tune in and find out!

BONUS: If you want another 17 minutes of Fr. Anthony & Taylor arguing about the moon(and it only got more and more insane as we dove deeper), head on over to for exclusive content just like this!

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