Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 112

Taylor is joined by Shaun McAfee to kick off the Advent season with ample reminders to slow down and find rest in God. Taylor shares from one of the weirdest weeks he's had in a while that led into Advent. From travel, to being pulled over, to tech difficulties to being a guest on an atheist's podcast, it was an interesting one for sure. And there's an Advent connection to all of it!

In the second segment, seminarian Travis Crotty joins the show to share what "A Day in the life of a Seminarian" is like to give us a behind the scenes look into preparation for the priesthood. He shares particularly about the media fast he took and its implications for us this Advent season.

In the final segment, we chat about what we are doing for Advent & how it is one of our favorite seasons to draw us back into the life of Christ.

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