Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 101

We kick of this week's show(THE FIRST TRUE PALINDROME EPISODE IS SHOW HISTORY!!!) by talking about the Captain Marvel Trailer release and our reactions to it. We talk about how the Avengers post-Infinity War are stuck between a rock and a hard place. This is our theme for the day as we begin a conversation about the Israelites being stuck between a rock and a hard place at the Red Sea here and finish it in the 3rd segment. We talk about the "Red Sea Rules"; the lessons we learn from looking at how God worked in this story.

In the second segment, we are rejoined by Tony Vasinda, this time to talk about the work of Project YM and what they are doing to support youth ministers around the world. Tony gives us a peek into the lives of a youth minister that most people don't see and how we can support them as well.

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