Bonus Content-Faith journey conversation with Dan

Howdy! We did a little something new for this bonus content of the podcast. This is a long-form interview with a friend of mine named Dan about his faith journey from growing up in a nominal Catholic family, to priestly formation, to marriage and now an "almost complete de-conversion from Catholicism." He shares his story & the things that led to where he is now.

I was fascinated with the interview because while our stories have taken different paths, I see a lot of similarities between Dan and I in personality & some of the struggles with faith and Church. It is my hope that in having this conversation and you listening to it, that we will hear the things that he struggles with and other issues that led to where he is now and begin to think about how we address them in our own lives and how we as the Church can become a more supportive and loving community.

While Dan and I may disagree on issues throughout the convo, I truly appreciated my time with him & his honesty. He gave me a lot to think about and I hope it sparks thought & conversation with you. If you have any questions or comments about the episode, send it my way on social media or send me an email to

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