Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 154

Fr. Anthony was in a mood and boi did he deliver! In one of our funnier recent episodes, Taylor yells at Fr. Anthony for stealing his content which is a perfect segway into a conversation on imperfections.

Our guest this week made Fr. Anthony jealous because he's a more famous priest than him. Fr. Rob Galea is a world-renowned musician, speaker and media creator. He was the priest you may have seen on Australian X-Factor, has performed for the Pope and still finds time to hear confessions. He shares the story of redemption that led him from gangs, addiction and depression to a beautiful life in the priesthood. Check him out at

We have a special treat this episode in having TWO guests! Everett Fritz rejoins the show to talk about common struggles we have in knowing what to say in personal prayer and the difficulty Catholics often have with praise. He shows us we actually know more than we think we do.

BONUS-Due to Fr. Anthony's big boi mood, the commercials in this episode are straight fire!!!

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