Forte Catholic Podcast Episode 147

Jon Blevins co-hosts on his one year anniversary of first appearing on the show! Taylor shares why he's been crying while listening to podcasts in the woods and wonders if he's progressing or digressing as a human.

In the second segment, we're joined by Brian Montfort of the Work To Game YouTube channel. With two of the biggest names in Catholic gaming, the guys chat about some of the pitfalls of gaming, how to avoid them and ultimately while they still play. Taylor tries to make strange comparisons between video games and the Church. Does it work? That's up to you to decide.

In the final segment(recorded three hours later), Taylor shares that his deepest recent spiritual insight is that Jesus is a millennial which leads "seamlessly" into a conversation of a conference Jon went to recently about how to engage youth culture. This leads to a more broad conversation about how we live our lives between action and inaction.

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