"Unpublished Worship Songs" A humorous look through the Scriptures

As a musician for Mass, your job is to enhance the prayer experience of the community and connect the songs to the daily readings. Not only does it help people pray during Mass but we have all had a hymn we heard at Church stuck in our head for days after. It helps to keep the theme of that Mass in our thoughts long after we've forgotten the readings & homily.

Sometimes the songs are easy to pick as there are a ton of Scriptures written about popular passages. Buuuut sometimes there are more odd or obscure readings and it is hard to find songs that match. That's where the idea for "Unpublished Worship Songs" came from. These are comical songs I wrote about the Bibles underappreciated stories. 

For instance:
1. "Dumb Ways to Die: Shebears Edition" comes from 2 Kings 2:23-24 where some children perish in one of the oddest ways.
2. "Kills With the Sword" is from Exodus 22:20-26 with some odd advice on how to deal with aliens.
3. "Thanks Paul" is a thank you to the Apostle Paul...but I also have some questions...
4. "Beer and the Bible" is Taylor's country side singin' about the alcohol proverb. (Prov 31:6)
5. "I Will Send A Curse" from Malachi Chapter 2 is the exact opposite of uplifting.

Listen is as the Bible comes to life in a WHOLE. NEW. WAY!

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