"People Get Ready" Cover

People Get Ready is a song originally written and sung by Curtis Mayfield in 1971. I heard the song as a child on a Country Christian cassette tape (I know I know, don't ask). I loved the song then and heard it recorded again by Rod Stewart in 1993. 

I don't think I have heard it since around that time. Yet, since the beginning of Advent, the song has been stuck in my head every! single! day! In this season of waiting and preparing for the Lord, I have been reminded by this song that we are not only preparing for December 25th, but also for the Lord's eventual return, or the day we meet him face to face.

So every time this song has popped into my head, I have asked myself, "Am I ready?" And it has inspired me not only to strive for Christ more this Advent season, but to continue seeking Him in new ways even after Christmas has come and gone.

For my full thoughts on the song, check out the first segment of episode 62 of the Forte Catholic Podcast.

I hope you enjoy the cover with the help of my friend Becka Landry on the keys! Merry Christmas!

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