Top 10 Blogs and Podcasts of 2016

2016 was a crazy year! I think everyone is ready for 2017 to start but I wanted to look back at the good that happened in 2016 first and thank you all for your support of Forte Catholic this past year.

Below are the rankings of the most read blogs and listened to podcasts of the year. It has been great seeing the response to this year's content and I hope that it has blessed you. It sure has been fun for me! Praying for all who read this to have a great start to 2017!

In Christ,
Taylor Schroll

Top 5 Blogs of 2016

5. A Muslim on TV Made Me A Better Catholic
Read on to see how my Netflix binge watch session of "Lost" helped me realize I needed to change the way I pray. 

4. The Lying Minister Epidemic
I began my journey in ministry in 2008. I was often taught, either explicitly or by example of ministry leaders, to always bring your A-game to ministry, no matter what. Never show any weakness. Always look happy. Always make it look like you have it all figured out so that others will look at your perfect life and be inspired to live holy lives. There are two problems with that. First, who doesn't have any weaknesses, is always happy and lives a perfect life? Second, why are we lying to people, including ourselves?

3. Two-Face the Christian
This blog addresses how many people view Christians as being "two-faced;" living one way at Church and another everywhere else. Read more to see what a recent video game I played and an experience in college taught me about how to deal with this issue.

2. Stations of the Cross
These are the Stations of the Cross written with modern reflections for both youth and adults. They have been used for college students, youth groups, parish wide events and most recently in Ablaze Ministries 10 Day Spiritual Workout. Feel free to use them in your personal prayer, with your family or at your parish.

1. Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go took the world by storm in 2016 and is not only fun and brilliantly nostalgic but if used well, it can help us improve physically, mentally and in evangelization. 

Top 5 Podcasts of 2016

5. Episode 7-Healing
We know our nation is in need of healing so that is our topic today! Join for a discussion on Jesus' healings and what they mean for us. Also, a great interview with infectious disease Doctor Seth Sullivan about how he sees God working in his job.

4. Episode 1-Spiritual Warfare
The first Forte Catholic Show Live On-Air! Tune in as we kick off the show with a night about Spiritual Warfare. We will discuss my crazy week of travel, what spiritual warfare is, and how we can fight back! This week's interview is with Jennifer Stavinoha, a missionary who has a great story about spiritual warfare and encouragement for the spiritual battles we often find ourselves in.

3. Episode 4-My Birthday Episode
The the live show from RED-C Radio on my birthday was a lot of fun with some interaction from the audience. I spoke about the recent conference I went to and shared what I learned about the importance of questions, interviewed a fellow missionary Matthew Bachali about the great experience we had of Christian brotherhood and how we can carry that back in to our day to day lives.

2. Pilot Episode-Mercy
This pilot episode is focused on mercy as I introduce myself and share how God has shown His mercy to me in big ways. I also interview Dylan Browning about his recent trip to World Youth Day in Poland.

1. Episode 10-Jimmy Akin
I can't believe I got to interview this giant in apologetics! Tune in to hear the interview with Jimmy Akin about his faith journey and new book as well as a discussion about my trip to the National Catholic Conference of Youth Ministers.

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